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Vienna Naked Project

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You can colaborate with "VIENNA NAKED PROJECT" buying the original artworks of vienna painted by Pictor Mulier.

VIENNA NAKED PROJECT is aimed to seek financing for the travel expenses, atterezo and material necessary for Vienna's erotic photographic reports all over the world.

The photographies are published on Vienna's official site and are free for guests.
They form part of a demanding project for woman sexual freedom and the nude as form of artistic expression by photographies, videos, paintings and books.
You can collaborate with this project buying original and exclusive artworks, painted by Pictor Mulier, which have Vienna as a protagonist. An important part of the money obtained is dedicated for financing VIENNA NAKED PROJECT.
Contact me if you want to buy and we will send it to your house.

Photos of Vienna Naked Project
Vienna sitting naked in Güell Park by Pictor Mulier

60x80 cm

Dolphins jumping to see Vienna’s naked body de Pictor Mulier

Muse à la mer de Pictor Mulier

Vienna comparing her beauty with Michelangelo’s David. Vienna wins de Pictor Mulier

Vienna lighting up with her naked body Tokio’s night de Pictor Mulier

Vienna playing in front the Valencia’s Hemisférico de Pictor Mulier

Pictor painting Vienna, his musa pelirroja de Pictor Mulier

Vienna is getting wet de Pictor Mulier

Vienna attending naked to the second showing of Grease and Saturday night fever in New York de Pictor Mulier

Naked vienna testing the imperturbability of the presidents de Pictor Mulier

Vienna fighting against global warming de Pictor Mulier

Portrait of Vienna my musa pelirroja de Pictor Mulier

Vienna offering her sacred nudity in the face of Uluru Mountain de Pictor Mulier

Vienna walks around nude for the Great Wall of China de Pictor Mulier

Vienna, te new and undisputed queen of Africa by Pictor Mulier

60x80 cm

Vienna vibrating with the waves of her orgasm de Pictor Mulier

Vienna visiting undressed the museum de Pictor Mulier

Undressed Vienna in a birch forest de Pictor Mulier

Vienna stimulating Berlin’s photographers de Pictor Mulier


Visita su web donde encontrarás información sobre sus libros de fotografía erótica

Vienna, mi musa pelirroja